About the 2014 OSE Artists




It’s that time of the year again! In only a few weeks, twelve new outdoor sculptures will be placed along the streets of Downtown Cary for the public to enjoy. Although the unveiling of the sculptures remains a surprise until July 18th, here is a sneak peek at the eleven artists behind the show. 






James Burnes

“I focus on archetypal creatures and forms to express the deep spirit of life on earth and our interdependence on it. I am drawn to the tension between what is natural and organic, and the inventiveness of what is constructed.”

Website: http://www.jamieburnes.com

About James: James was born in Boston, MA and received his BS in Studio Art from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. His work has been installed in numerous states across the U.S.


Bobby Donovan

“For me, what makes art beautiful is its ability to encourage us to engage the world in a thoughtful and positive way. I know art to be a powerful agent for social consciousness and civic discourse.”

Website: http://hyattstownmill.org

About Bobby: In addition to his work with sculpture, Bobby is also a painter and printmaker.


Bob Doster

"For more than fifty years, Doster has created art that ranges from whimsical collectibles to monumental public works of art.  As a teaching artist, he has worked with more than 150,000 students of all ages." 

Website: http://www.bobdoster.com/home.html



Christian Hansen

“I endeavor to create art that is as simple as possible while still conveying the essence of the inspiration. The inspiration for my work tends to originate from designs found in the natural world.”

Website: http://christianvagnhansen.com

About Christian: Christian is a sculpture artist who works with a variety of metals to create large outdoor sculptures and smaller statement pieces for the home or public spaces. He is drawn to the interesting shapes and patterns found in nature and incorporates them into his work using an abstract, minimalist aesthetic. 


Phil Hathcock

“I strive to preserve the natural beauty of each stone and highlight this beauty as a medium for new creations. This philosophy is visible in my sculptures which are a result of combining/balancing stones into formations that defy gravity.”

Website: http://www.philhathcock.com

About Phil: Phil was born and raised in North Carolina. His work has been exhibited widely at universities, galleries, and numerous public and private arenas. Some of his sculptures are on permanent display at Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill and in Virginia and South Carolina.


Tripp Jarvis

“I seek to enjoy life. Life is creative.”

Website: http://trippjarvis.com

About Tripp: Tripp was born in Raleigh, NC and grew up in Holly Springs, NC. He earned his BFA from East Carolina University and went on to live in Eastern Europe in the country of Estonia, where he attended the Estonian Academy of Art and participated in many international exhibitions and symposia. He now teaches at Craven Community College in New Bern, NC. 


Shawn Morin

“The works I produce run the gamut of materials from bronze to marble, granite to iron, and wood to steel. The concepts migrate through the figurative, architectural, and the abstract, in presentational scales from the intimate to the monumental.”

Website:  http://www.shawnmorinsculpture.com

About Shawn: Shawn was born in the District of Columbia and received his M.F.A. from the University of Georgia and his B.F.A. from the University of Tampa. He is currently professor and Sculpture Program Head at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.


Charles Pilkey

“My work is a reaction to the central issue of our times - our relationship to technology.”

Website: http://www.charlespilkey.com/

About Charles: The artist’s work has been on exhibit in numerous shows, commissions, galleries, and symposiums. Numerous pieces have also been displayed in other countries, including Japan, China, and Korea.


Rudy Rudisill

“My work is drawn from visual memory, from subconscious connections with the relationship of physical elements to their symbolic implications. Freezing time, each object - specific to itself - is a fragment of my continuum of production.”

About Rudy: Rudy was born in Gastonia, NC and has been a working artist for 25 years. He has won international awards for his public, corporate, and private sculpture collections found in North America, Europe, and Asia. 


Eric Troffkin

“I am fascinated by the real communications equipment I see along the roadside or sprouting from building-tops. These objects are so still, but engaged in some vital activity. My sculptural versions propose animation, suggesting interactions and personality.

About Eric: Eric received his MFA degree in Sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA degree in Fine Art and English Literature from Amherst College. He is an assistant professor of Sculpture at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.



Adam Walls

“I respond to a variety of my interests through my art. I often reference items of pop culture or political and religious viewpoints in my predominantly large scale steel sculpture, though at times I reference nature or personal issues.”

Website: http://www.sculpturebyadamwalls.com

About Adam: Adam received his BFA in Art Education from Limestone College and taught in the public school system in South Carolina for six years before attending Winthrop University, where he received his MFA in Sculpture. Adam now teaches at UNC-Pembroke.

Monday, June 30, 2014
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