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By Jessica Patrick

Last week, Cary Visual Art worked with the Lucy Daniels Center in Cary, North Carolina to engage children in an exciting art project. With the help of local sculptor and artist Paris Alexander, children used cookie cutters and clay molds to form shapes of different animals. Paris showed the group how to attach each animal to a clay panel representing the animal’s home—either earth, water, or sky.



This workshop was more than just an educational and interactive experience for children. Much like another clay workshop CVA hosted in April for individuals with special needs, this event constituted an experience of emotional healing and recovery. The Lucy Daniels Center recognizes art as a therapeutic process and actively incorporates it into their education and treatment plans. Many know that the act of interacting with a material and creating it into something of meaning is often a soothing and emotionally enlightening process—not to mention delightful! Smiling faces, laughter, and creativity filled the brightly lit room, and children were able to relax and let their originality show freely.

The Lucy Daniels Center is a nonprofit school that helps children process and work through emotional challenges. The center’s mission is to “help children live emotionally healthy lives” through education, psychological evaluation and treatment, and the involvement of family and staff. The center has become an important part of the community, providing mental health services to nearly 700 children and their families each year. The staff at Lucy Daniels provides direct services to children ages 11 and younger who have behavioral or social difficulties or who show signs of emotional problems. Additionally, the center provides offsite therapeutic services and school and community outreach programs. This unique mission and purpose of this center is unsurpassed.


The workshop occurred through two separate classes on May 22, 2014. Approximately 15 children worked with Paris and the center’s volunteers to create a series of beautiful tiles. Paris plans to glaze the tiles in colors representing the three different themes and display the whole collection at the Lucy Daniels Center.

Cary Visual Art would like to thank Paris Alexander for continuing to participate in these workshops, along with the wonderful staff and directors at the Lucy Daniels Center.  

Sunday, June 1, 2014
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