CVA Scholarship Recipients: What Are They Up To?

Micaelah Scott, Scholarship Recipient

Back in July, CVA and Mercedes-Benz of Cary awarded eleven students scholarships for $1,000 each. We recently checked in with them about what they've learned and how they've grown during their first semester as college students. See what they've been up to below!








Jared Kengla

I have loved my first quarter at SCAD and am excited to return in a few days. I've learned a lot in a short amount of time including practical aspects of: drawing from life, color theory, public speaking, and basic financing. College is a wonderful and new experience, and a college of design is distinct in a numerous amount of interesting ways; the prominent difference being on practical application rather than test knowledge.     


Colin Rudd

After just one quarter at SCAD, I've grown so much as a artist and designer. The university has a knack for teaching students how to grow their skills and I'm amazed at my growth. 

I have maintained a 4.0 GPA and have had all my drawing work featured in the halls of the drawing and foundations building. 


Jasmine Lang

So I recently finished my first semester at NC State, and despite all the times I had to burn the midnight oil, or all the times I was completely lost or frustrated, I think I had a good experience. Not only did I have to create objects for others to use (such as a wearable, a shelter, or a lamp), but I also had to do a lot of research, ideating, experimenting, and prototyping just for one piece! This extensive process definitely brought me out of my comfort zone since I'm used to just going with my initial idea and drawing/depicting it however I desired, but it also made me realize how much work goes into designing these products we use everyday and taught me to look at the user's wants and needs instead of my own. And of course, I gained experience creating three-dimensional products, which is very different from what I normally do (2D art), but it also made me realize the depth needed in design. Overall, this was a beneficial experience (even the sleepless nights), and I'm looking forward to my next semester as a design student!

Pictured below are some photos of my products. There is a paper wearable inspired by snakes and decay, a cardboard shelter (group project) inspired by canopies, and a PVC pipe and paper lamp "shelter" inspired by igloos and layers of the Earth.

They are not the best (and I wish I had more time to work on them), but they taught me many valuable lessons.


Emilie Miller

During my first semester at NC State's College of Design, I've gained so much valuable experience, knowledge, and wonderful colleagues. I've especially learned so much about the creative process, and identifying my strengths as well as weaknesses in my personal process so that I may improve when it comes to starting the next project. In addition, I've grown to be more comfortable with constantly questioning my work and my ideas so that I have access to even more possibilities and opportunities than before. Most importantly, I've learned that while you are designing a product, you are also designing yourself in the process; allowing you to become even more capable and skilled with each thing you create. 


Tuesday, January 12, 2016
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