Lazy Daze + Cary Creative Center = Happy Faces

A happy young man standing next to his inspiration!

Last Saturday was an incredible day for CVA and the Cary Creative Center! With adjoining booths, we were able to not only spread the word about our new sclupture exhibition, but we were also able to put lots of smiles on faces through the CCC activity table. Cary Creative Center, with their always unique and creative approach, worked with kids of all ages to create mini sculptures with reused materials such as empty thread spools, bottle caps and paper towel rolls; it was an amazing sight to see the kids engaged and happy and learning about so many things while having fun! Thank you to CCC for an amazing collaboration and for continuing to bring creative and fun solutions to materials that would normally end up in the landfill. Here's an excerpt from their website about who they are:


Cary Creative Center is a non-profit providing artistic materials and educational programs to promote reuse of discarded materials.

Cary Creative Center is a sustainable business model which includes an art materials reuse store. When you shop with us you are:

  • -Helping the environment
  • -Improving the quality of life in our community
  • -Reducing the cost of waste removal
  • -Providing jobs in your community