the Moonlight Sculpture Tour


Hundreds of people were out and about on September’s Final Friday enjoying one of the first real nights of fall weather. Although many lament the early sunsets, Cary Visual Art opted to use the opportunity for an evening tour of the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition.

The Moonlight Sculpture Tour on the 26th was the kick-off event to the “Year With Sculpture” program, designed to promote community involvement through an intimate look at the 12 sculptures in the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. After 18 years, public art has become an everyday sight in Cary. Sculptures are in our parks, on street corners, outside of business, and, of course, along Academy Street. CVA’s goal is to remind others about what makes these artworks such a special part of living in this town.

As children got their faces painted with galaxies and stars, others enjoyed a glass of wine while they prepared to head off with their artist tour guides and new acquaintances. The OSE was split into two segments- some groups left Ashworth village and headed up N. Academy Street towards Town Hall, while others were directed to the artworks near the Cary Arts Center.


Lit only by starlight, streetlights, and handmade lanterns, the sculptures are almost entirely different at night. The viewing process is slower- each element examined individually, rather than as what they make up as a whole. The children, in particular, made astute observations— “Ballerina slippers!” said one little girl about the base of Bob Doster’s Dancer III. Others were drawn to the way the shadows seemed to emphasize parts of the sculptures.

As the evening came to an end the chatter amongst tour groups was excited. The Moonlight Sculpture Tour gave them the chance to not only learn about artwork, but to come together as a community.

Saturday, October 4, 2014
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