2015 Young Cary Artists Scholarship Program Recipients

Congratulations to these eleven exceptional young Cary artists who are the recipients of the CVA Young Cary Artists Scholarship Program's two scholarships; the Mercedes-Benz of Cary Scholarship, and the CVA Community Fund Scholarship, made possible by grants from Wells Fargo Bank, Bill and Cindy Lappin and JM Edwards Fine Jewelry.


Scholarship Winners at the 2015 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Opening Night Reception

Pictured (from left to right): Jasmine Lang, Emorie Estep, Amanda Reza, Isabelle Miranda, Micaelah Scott, Colin Rudd, Jared Kengla



2015 Recipients


Megan Bonner




I have taken art classes since middle school and have always been interested in the artistic field. It is my goal to learn whatever I can about the visual arts by surrounding myself with experienced and well-round artists. 


Emorie Estep

I have been able to contribute my talents to my school and community in unique and various ways due to my creative abilities. As the president of the National Art Honor Society at Apex High School, I have the opportunity to share the work of my peers throughout the community in abstract ways. 


Celine Guilbaud

The arts have always come naturally to me; nothing is more satisfying than to be behind a camera, a beautiful blank canvas, or a pottery wheel. My abilities as an artist reflect my desire to experiment with new media and techniques. 


Jared Kengla

For as far back as I can remember, I have had a natural propensity towards drawing. Over time it has become less and less of a hobby and more and more of a career choice or lifestyle. My work has evolved to more meaningful commentaries on the nature of life rather than simpler pretty pictures, and I plan to keep moving evolving in that direction. Visual Arts courses in school have greatly shaped my abilities, and in some ways, I do my work for my school and the community around me. 


Jasmine Lang

Now that I think about it, I've grown a lot artistically from my freshman year to my senior year, and not just in terms of technical skill. My style has changed as well. Initially, I started out with more graphic - more cartoonish - and flat art, which had this “quirky,” recognizable style, as my art teacher told me. However, my style was not mature enough, so I had to push the boundaries - I had to get out of my comfort zone. 


Emilie Miller

From a young age, I have always enjoyed exercising my imagination and conveying my creativity through my art. I've always found my forte to be my ability to come up with new concepts and execute them in similarly unique ways. My approach to art consists of my extensive knowledge of the elements and principles of design, which I have been able to thoroughly demonstrate and improve upon in my AP 2D Design and AP Drawing classes at my school. 


Isabelle Miranda

Nothing makes me happier than working with my hands. When the incessant noise and stress of being a teenager becomes too much; working with my hands is meditative, almost prayerful for me. I pour all my energy into my projects, perfecting every detail of a portrait or smoothing every scratch on a pot. This is where I feel I am in control; nothing is ever altered unless I intentionally change it.


Amanda Reza

Oscar Wilde’s quote “Nature imitates art” describes my passion for both nature and art. As a patron of nature, I dedicated my Girl Scout Gold Project towards conserving Hemlock Bluffs Nature preserve. I wanted to give back to the community by bringing awareness to the public of the local treasure of trees.


Colin Rudd

I would describe my creative abilities as ambitious and limitless. Not matter what I desire to create, I am constantly in pursuit of the latest techniques and methods in my art. As a result, this has given me a unique style that produces a high attention to detail and tells a story. 


Micaelah Scott

My dry hands burn as I scrape the pavement with the last worn-down pastel stick. Orange and pink dust covers nearly every inch of my clothes and my hair. The gravel in my knees is probably permanently lodged in there. Despite this, the cheek-aching grin on my face will not go away. 


Caitlyn Shanahan

From the day I could hold a crayon I have been drawing, painting, coloring, and creating endlessly. Art is my passion, it’s my haven. My ability sprouted through the encouragement of my Aunt Katie Anne, a professional artist whose time and generosity with her talent and supplies ignited my passion.



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