Sculpture Scavenger Hunt with Natural Math


Math and Art are usually thought to be on two different ends of the educational spectrum- one subject is for the serious, practical and analytic student and the other for the creative free spirit. STEM fields have lately been hailed as the future of our workforce, and are largely responsible for the success and growth of the Town of Cary. Arts, on the other hand, have long been proven to improve motor skills, language development, critical-thinking and problem-solving as well as increase cultural awareness.

Cary Visual Art believes that both subjects are necessary for a fulfilling education and teamed up with Natural Math of the Triangle Saturday, November 8th to show how math and art are part of our everyday lives. The Sculpture Scavenger Hunt was the third event in CVA’s newest program “A Year With Sculpture”, which was designed to promote the artwork in the yearly Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. The Moonlight Sculpture Tour on October’s Final Friday kicked off the series with handmade lanterns, family, friends, and artist-led tours.

The scavenger hunt started at 10 a.m. on the performance green in downtown Cary. Dr. Maria Droujkova and Yelena McManaman joined CVA staff for a few hours, teaching about mobius strips, fractals, shapes out of lines, and other mathematical concepts. Rather than by putting pen to paper, Natural Math’s approach to these lessons is a little more artistic.


Using a bouquet of roses as an example, Dr. Droujkova demonstrated how flat surfaces can layer together to create a solid. At the booth, kids and their parents used colored construction paper, legos, woven baskets and fabrics to explore how math and art work together before heading off for a sculpture tour led by CVA staff members.

As the second event in the “Year with Sculpture” series, the Sculpture Scavenger Hunt was just a taste of what is left to come in the year 2015. Join Cary Visual Art once again in March (Location/Time TBA) for a day of doodling and drawing.

Monday, November 17, 2014
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